Lost For 12 Hours

Hi guys, sorry for being away for so long, gadget problems that are yet to get solved... So I'm back with my first pidgin blog post, not sure if I'm going to get it right but do enjoy it... Let me know in the comment section what you think, 🙂 Chale you no go believe … Continue reading Lost For 12 Hours

Going through my feed and seeing stuff you've posted and I'm wondering... Wondering who did you wrong... Wondering who hurt you like this to make you feel the way you do... Wondering what goes through your mind each day you wake up... Wondering if you will get better. I ask myself what my life would … Continue reading

If I Left

If I left today, would you remember our last conversation? Would you remember what triggered that conversation? Would you wonder how come you didn't notice that was going to be our last conversation? Tell me, would you? If I left today, what would you remember most about me? Is it my quiet moments or those … Continue reading If I Left

It's almost 1 am but she was still awake, very much unlike her but it had been like this a lot lately. Even if she had a nap, the latest she would have dozed off is 11pm, later than that was for a good reason. She had become paranoid đŸ˜± lately. Not a fan of … Continue reading