In less than a month, I lost two people I hold dear and it's been hard coming to terms with it. I wrote this in a state of pain hoping it would help it make sense... Wherever they are, I hope they know I love them and that they'll always be in my heart ♥️ … Continue reading STUNG


Ever been faced with having to choose between a truth and a lie? Ever been at a point where you were not sure whether to tell the truth or tell a lie? Ever been at a point where you expected the truth but got a lie and vice versa? You may have heard of the … Continue reading OWN YOUR TRUTH


Abelenma looked back on those years, thinking of how those events had shaped her. She wondered if the case would have been different if she had been educated, properly for that matter. It was a conversation she looked forward to but one that was never had. Her teachers in each class she had been in … Continue reading UNEDUCATED

The Eve

I wrote this last night about an hour to this day and ended up contemplating whether to post or not... well I finally did and I have no idea what to expect so... It’s about fifty minutes away from another birthday… I am just here, not making the effort to think or do anything else … Continue reading The Eve