In less than a month, I lost two people I hold dear and it’s been hard coming to terms with it. I wrote this in a state of pain hoping it would help it make sense… Wherever they are, I hope they know I love them and that they’ll always be in my heart ♥️

Stung is what it feels like
Like a bee has dug its fangs into my skin
Depositing venom…
The pain hits and I can feel the uncertainty

I’m trying to come to terms
Asking questions but not getting answers I so need
I’m wishing it’s all a dream I’ll wake up from
But a pinch is all I need to know it’s all true

How is it possible?
How come I can’t hear that laughter?
How come I can’t see that smile?
How come they’re all going to be memories now?

The sober and sane me says, “it’s okay”
The emotional me asks, “why now?”
I’ve had to use the grief of one to write a tribute to the other
Because I can’t believe both are gone

I want to believe it’s possibly a prank
But I’ve had to sit through a memorial Mass with tears streaming down my face
I feel like I’m slipping into some place I don’t know
Just because, death stung and I lost two faves

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