Ever been faced with having to choose between a truth and a lie? Ever been at a point where you were not sure whether to tell the truth or tell a lie? Ever been at a point where you expected the truth but got a lie and vice versa? You may have heard of the quote, “the truth hurts”, well haven’t we all? Lies are told for a variety of reasons and sometimes for a supposed greater good hence the term, ‘white lie’.

I have come to learn that lies are told for different reasons. Sometimes, telling a lie is plain irresistible as the urge to look good is high. I’ve told a lie before, a lot of times actually and for whatever reasons. In the age of technology, phone call lies, tops it. Telling a lie sounds good but the repercussions may be something you may not have envisaged even in your wildest dreams. It could be instant, happen a day, week, month or even years after.

Should you tell a lie, you need to stick to your story till the very end unless you have a change of mind. I worshipped at a different parish one time and during his homily, the priest made mention of the lengths at which people have to go to to make a lie look good. The urge to not stop at one lie but keep on telling more to keep the narrative going.

Truth is rewarding and at the same time a bitter pill to swallow. It is naked and right in your face, with no protective covering and like our nature is, we hate to see anything naked in broad daylight and will show our displeasure through any means possible. However, it is the ‘cheaper’ option. You need not make up stories to make it realistic because it is already realistic in its own right.

You may lose out on a lot of ‘goodies’ because you opted for the truth. It could be a reward, a job, relationships, etc. On a number of occasions, my truth has hurt. Experiencing hurt one time after opting for truth, I went on to ask a friend if I had done the right thing because in that moment, my emotions had taken over and I was thinking I should have kept mum instead. He said, “in as much as telling a lie would have saved you this heartbreak, your integrity is worth it”. That was all it took to restore my common sense then. The friendship I thought I had lost then is still very intact now and one of my strongest bonds outside family bonds.

The truth may seem hard because you think you may lose out on a good thing hence the decision to opt for a lie. But know that, it’s better to be known for your integrity than be known as the man/woman who wears a lie like a skin.

If you ask me, I will say, stick with your truth with your very being. Even if you hurt doing it, be rest assured that, the reward for it will be birthed one day no matter how long it takes. And so whatever it takes to do it, own your truth!

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