This is dedicated to all the wonderful people in my life… especially Nii Amugi and Nkofuah, I love you guys and even though I suck at showing it, thank you for being in my life.

It is a calm evening and I drift away in thought, thinking about the people in my life who are either family or friends. Family have been there from day one and friends have come and gone as I journeyed through life. People I have come across are of the view that because I know a lot of people, it translates to having a lot of friends. However, it is not so because I am not particularly comfortable with approaching people for fear of rejection, and I have not made much progress getting over that fear… I digress.

Back to the people in my life who are shades of everything, I try my best to be there for them when they need me. Right amongst these people, I have my circle which is fairly okay for me I must say. Despite our different backgrounds and all, these are people I can be naked with (not physically I mean but that could count too 😉. I like to look out for people.

My life has taken a detour and it has been a lot of days filled with constant boredom and uncertainty of what the next day will bring along 😔😐😖. Like every other person, those within my circle have their own issues to deal with and yet they have helped me stay sane and afloat in their own ways. Relationships are not a one sided bargain and so in my current state of having just an advanced “yam”, I will call or text every now and then to check on my people. I’ve come to know who likes the phone calls, who enjoys the texts and the indifferent ones (remember I said all shades?)

I want them to not feel being taken for granted. Sometimes the conversations are lit and other times, it goes the other way. It hurts when I find out they are not up there even though on the outside they may come across as having it all together. It hurts when all I can do is wish they find their feet instead of offering them what they actually need. It hurts when I want to empathise with them but can’t find the right words to say or figure out exactly what to do to help them get out of their misery. It hurts when I can hear their silent cries but can’t help wipe those tears.

I wish I could do better than I’m doing now to turn your story around. I appreciate you being in my life, holding me down and making sacrifices for me even when you don’t get the full picture. I am forever indebted to you for sticking out your necks for me.

I want you to know, we will laugh… things will change and our stories will take a turn for the best.

I love you and this I believe, that “las las, we go dey alright”

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