Hi, welcome back to my blog 🙂 … this should have been up a week ago but… On a second thought, I think I’ll save up on the excuse. Enjoy and let me know what you think, 🙂


On a regular Sunday, I’m likely to be at mass and then probably spend the rest of the day, indoors minding my business. Oh shoot, I don’t particularly have regular Sundays anymore… well that is because I volunteer for my diocesan YouTube channel so it’s one assignment or the other and if it happens to be a Sunday, the Catholic church is universal so your guess is as good as mine.

Father’s Day happened to be one of those and so together with my colleague, we set out on assignments as early as six am. Our first stop was the Star of the Sea cathedral here in Takoradi to cover the induction of new Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) members. PPC is basically a group of individuals elected or appointed by a parish to help the parish priest of the parish in question steer the affairs of the church. Their tenure of office normally ranges from two to three years. In the Roman Catholic Church, a parish (Latin: parochia) is a stable community of lay faithful with their pastoral care entrusted to a parish priest (Latin: parochus) under the authority of a diocesan bishop. The highlight for me was seeing fathers take over as knights of the altar or as we normally say, altar boys or mass servers.

Our next stop was the St. Francis of Assisi parish in Agona Nkwanta which is about an hour’s drive from Takoradi. As part of Father’s Day celebration, they were having a traditional Sunday. Parishioners showed up to mass clad in strictly traditional apparel ranging from rich kente cloths, smock, beads, etc. It was a beautiful sight to behold and the joy with which each individual took part in the celebration of the Eucharist was infectious. I’m not conversant with the norm at the parish but I enjoyed seeing fathers take centre stage on such a day. And we missed out on the afternoon pork Fr. Atta Mensah promised 😦 but we had to run.

Back to Takoradi it was for the long awaited reading session with lawyer Ace Anan Ankomah. For a number of years now, DAkpabli and Associates have been on a mission to #MakeReadingHipAgain. For someone like me, it has always been worth it for each session I’ve attended, a total of three I think. They’ve been in town with Elizabeth-Irene Baitie in 2017 and Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng in 2018. On both occasions, it was evident that people were very much interested in books and all hope was not lost just yet. So a year later, they were back with lawyer Ace to read from his book, “Is There No Cause… to Rant?”

Even before the session begun, Skyy Power 93.5FM, media partners for the event broadcasted its flagship program, Newspaper Review from the venue, SSNIT hall. While this was ongoing, a pampering session strictly dedicated to fathers was ongoing outside to mark Father’s Day. If you’re Ghanaian, you know how newspaper review programmes tend to go beyond allotted time. Most often than not, when listening to such programmes, you realise it is plain partisan arguments and so it was a welcoming relief for me when lawyer Ace’s offered his two pence on the issues being discussed. It gave me a neutral and apt description of what was really happening. At this point, advertised time for the start of the reading had gone by and so they wrapped up and the stage was readied for the reading.

This was not just a reading, it was an interactive session as well. Lawyer Ace read from different sections of his book and after each reading, the audience had the chance to deliberate on the issues addressed in the book. Oh and the issues are not alien to mother Ghana in the tiniest of detail. When he spoke about where his “rants” came from and how he got triggered to do something instead of just sitting on the side-lines, contributions from the audience indicated he wasn’t alone in how he felt but the confidence and the guts to do something was wavering as people didn’t know where to start from. He gave insight into Occupy Ghana and how it all started, the highs and lows, the successes chalked and ongoing battles.

It was good to hear that having some Occupy Ghana members as part of the current government did not stop the group from going all out to ensure the right things are done. Seeing individuals contribute and ask questions to me, meant all was not lost even though it will take time for us to get it right. For me, he was as straightforward as he could be and he did his best answering questions raised especially the one asked by a young girl who I think would be in senior high school. Topics discussed ranged from education to technology to the economy, etc.

A number of individuals present purchased copies of the book so they could silently read along as lawyer Ace did. He further gave tips on how to pursue answers and the channels to go through to obtain such… oh if you would want to pursue any issue with the government, do well to send him a copy of your document and be rest assured he will offer his help. Each reading session since 2017 has been awesome but this one, topped them all. So if you were not present at the reading and you are on Facebook, I think you can check out Nana Awere Damoah’s page for pictures and the video of the reading (I’m not so sure about the latter as I’m not on there, sorry). A book signing and interactive session summed up the event as he signed copies of the book bought, interacted with members of the audience whilst taking picures as well.

The audience varied from junior high school students to retired citizens. Some had only heard about the session while it was ongoing on Skyy Power FM and had come right from church to be part. One commendable feature was the managing director of Benso Oil Palm Plantation (BOPP) directing teachers from the BOPP school to accompany over fifty students from the school to the reading. Hopefully, other company heads as well as school authorities will emulate this.

I’ve always said that, you need not miss any reading event organised by DAkpabli and Associates especially if it’s within your terrain. “Ace Reads in Tadi” was a reading session but at the end of the day as Nana Awere Damoah aptly put it, “it was a town-hall meeting and the only factor missing was a politician”. I missed out on the Aky3k3 and tilapia sitting scheduled for later in the evening 😦 but that is a story for another day so when next you come across any advert publicising a reading event organised by DAkpabli and Associates, for your own interest, make it a point to be there.



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