Another birthday came and I have not been particularly upbeat about it. My life has not been up there lately and so it’s been hard trying to stay positive. This post is to say “thank you” to all who spared a thought for me today… I appreciate your letting me know that there is always a glimmer of hope out there somewhere.

Another milestone came around… with a handful of calls, a text and a tweet.

I’ll be honest, I’ve felt a lot more meh today than being hyper. But then again, I’m grateful to have life… I have what others don’t, LIFE. Like I said in my last post, the past year has been difficult in every sense of the word but the people in my circle (family and real friends) and grace has kept me going.

There’s quite a number of things I set out to do in the past year which is yet to see the light of day. Volunteering for my diocese brings me a bit of joy, most of my days are no longer filled with boredom. Hopefully, this year will be fruitful.

This day came and met me with so much indebtedness to people… people who stuck out their necks for me when it was a matter of life and death. I’m constantly worried about not being able to pay back on schedule and fear I may lose out on their friendship. In as much as I would understand why, I wish it never gets to that point where I lose out on loyalty.

A year older and I have no idea what the future holds. I’m at a loss as to what to do with my life. I’ve tried reaching out to people and yet, the story has been the same for eighteen months and counting but I have hope… hopefully, this year brings good tidings.

On one hand, I want to feel like those who remembered this day are the only ones who are loyal and really care… on the other, I want to give those who didn’t remember the benefit of a doubt. But what do I know?

I choose to smile about the fact that KL has never missed the midnight mark since day one … laugh about being ponded with chilled water by Chief Mpama and Oforiwaa while still in bed this morning… Bask in the love of Norvishie, Lucas, Fred, Tee and QH… Be thankful for the prayers and beautiful thoughts of my amazing cousins, Acku, Tilly, GiGi, Alicia, Quam… Appreciate Nanu, Senam (my coffee lover), Baaba, Lydia, obaa Yaa and Kwawu for sharing a little of their time with me today, my super adorable niece Riella for the wonderful thought and uncle D for making me smile.

Thank you for letting me know the case is not always, “out of sight and out of mind”. You made today bearable and gave me hope for better things to come.

A year from today, may we celebrate and say, great things God has done and greater things he will do… God bless you.

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