This is something for everyone who is trying to live, “YOU WILL LIVE”


I can’t speak for others

But I can for myself

And I say

Let me live


What makes us happy differs

So does what makes us sad

So I say

Let me live


I have an idea of what will bring joy to my old folks

Yours? I have no idea

So as you know

Let me live


Things are going as you want

Me? I’m lost but I’ll find my way

Stop the hassling

Let me live


I wish I was further ahead

If you are there already

I’m happy you’ve made it

But please let me live


I landed on planet earth before you

But you have it all sorted

Different destinies, remember?

So let me live


You move, I move

Our paces and speed are different

It’s not a competition

Let me live


Same creator? Possible

Blood? Definitely red as yours

Purpose? Different

And so let me live


Thread your path as you want

I’ll thread mine as I deem fit

Different destinations

So you’ll let me live


This life is different

Do not force me to tow your line

I may be confused but I’ll figure it out

And I will live

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